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RECORD RELEASE SHOW!! This Wednesday (8/24), 10pm in Hollywood

RECORD RELEASE SHOW!! This Wednesday (8/24), 10pm in Hollywood

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Photo-documentation, from Conway Studios in Hollywood, while recording “Burn This Prison” (Available Now on iTunes, Amazon, etc) 

photos by Claudia Craig

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HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! Mr French, records at their private studio in the Arts District of Downtown LA, Ladybug Sound, for a new song titled “Kings & Queens” off their upcoming album, COMING SOON: summer 2011

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A Letter from Frenchie

Hey there.

Sitting at the cafe across the street from Ladybug, about to go in and get some more vocals done…

Things have been going so well. Right on track to having this album done and ready for you to play out this summer :)

I really think that some people will be able to connect with these songs, more than Fighting Chances. I really had the time and the ability to get way more honest and crazy on this album, and there have been SO many strange and amazing things going on in my life to reflect through the music.

We also had so much fun, I think it’ll just be fun to listen to…let alone how fun it will be LIVE!!

I just hope we can find a good team to back it so we can really get it out there…

If not though, I trust that “good music finds a way”. Always.

Make someone else feel good about themselves today.




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