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A video from Mr French: a Personal and sincere, even if slightly cheezy, THANK YOU - regarding the New Album, “Don’t Look down” - from a few hours before the release! 

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Still pushing hard to get this album, and some really beautiful acoustic stuff, and some other goodies done for you!

Today we’ll be at our killer little secret studio, Ladybug Sound, in Downtown LA, with Mr Cash (@greggcash) laying down bass for a brand new song called “You Caught Me” and a bunch of acoustic guitars, before I go to see The Hangover 2 with my girl and a couple friends…

Photos posted in a bit!! (from the studio, not the movie)

Stay tuned everyone - this has become a collection of songs I’m extremely proud of, more so than usual, and I really can’t wait for you to hear it.

It’s all for you.

LoveLoveLove RocknfuckinRoll french.

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