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A New Year’s Eve message from Mr. French

Dear, Lovers & Lunatics ~ 

As I look back over the past year, I am reduced to a state of wonder. 
Speechless, nostalgic, slightly confused wonder. 

It's been such an eventful year, throughout the World. For all of us. 
So much has happened to us, so much has happened for us. 

In my life, it's actually been a bit of a brutal one. 
Trying and tumultuous, 2011 really turned out to be much more difficult than I had expected - 
ending about as differently as possible from how I thought it would, at this time last year. 
But the one thing that has kept me sane, as always, has been Music. 

With Annie Automatic, we released our first full-length album, which we wrote and produced and distributed ourselves; 
we released a Comic Book alongside the album, which over 10,000 people picked up at San Diego's Comic-Con; 
we've played some amazing and glorious shows; we've gotten to know some of you better, 
and made some brand new friends along the way. 

All in, I just wanted to take this moment to Thank You, sincerely, from the bottom of my curious heart. 

While we don't rely on the approval or validation of others, 
we treasure and appreciate your support more than I could ever explain in words. 

For everything. 

Yes, we do what we do because it's just who we are... 
but our MAIN GOAL is to make Music and Art that has a real, clear affect on people. 
Something to help you get through your day, push you forward, go with you into your Life and be with you in the dark. 

In 2012, we will aim to make better and better music for you, 
to get out more - to get out further - to see you in person and celebrate with more shows. 


But, for now - we want to wish you a fun, safe, and reflective New Year's Eve. 
Take the time to be with the ones you Love, the ones who Love you back. 
It doesn't matter what else is going on, there are always other parties, other people, other things. 
What's important is taking the time to be with the ones who matter in your Life. 
To take the chance to look back, together, and be grateful for another year Lived, and all the lessons learned. 

Tomorrow, New Year's Day, I will release a brand new song from our Facebook band page for Free. 
It's a cover, one that means a lot to me, for anyone else out there who has had a slightly blue holiday season. 
You're not alone. 

A New Year means a fresh, New Start. 
So, come on... 


Happy New Year's, brothers & sisters 


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Mr French says Hello and Thank You, from their living room in Los Angeles! Talks about what’s coming up this summer and plays a Beatles song. Enjoy!

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